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QM-CBPF coding cable


I. Introduction

The coded cable has a flat shape and the outer sheath is pressed with neoprene. Fire hoods are added in certain high-temperature flame environments. The coded cable is composed of several pairs of wires according to specific coding rules.

The coded cables are mainly used for inductive wireless address detection and inductive wireless data communication by using electromagnetic induction principle. Coded cable is generally installed next to the locomotive track and covers the working area of the mobile locomotive. Each pair of wires of the coded cable is added with a matching resistor. The shielded cable is used to connect to the central control cabinet. The connection between the coded cable and the coded cable is seamlessly connected or connected to a junction box.

II. Type




III. Index

Standard Length: 102.4m
Standard Width:15cm
Standard Thickness:1cm
Operating Ambient Temperature:-40℃~+150℃
Space Between Antenna Box:5cm-30cm
Address Detection Cycle:38ms
Accuracy Of Address Detection:2cm
Communication Cycle:198ms

IV. Advantages

1.Detection of absolute position with no cumulative errors.
2.Detection of continuous position, no blind area.
3.No reference position is required to detect the address upon power-up.
4.Long detecting distance which covers more than one kilometer.
5.High resolution ratio with 1mm accuracy.
6.Anti-vibration, anti-interference, anti-corrosion, waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, high-temperature resistance, wide application range.
7. Non-contact detection, no mechanical injury, long life.

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