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Intelligent code plate positioning system



With the development of industrial intelligent manufacturing, unmanned operation system has become the development direction of industrial automation . As an important part of industrial control and production operation management, rail locomotive system is necessary to realize rail locomotive unmanned operation. Nowadays, rail locomotive positioning system has been widely used in coking industry, iron and steel industry, intelligent warehouse industry, silo material-distributing industry, intelligent material yard industry, etc.

The encoded plate identification technology and the continuous addressing technology of the absolute rotary encoder are used in the intelligent encoded plate positioning system. Through calculation, the absolute address is obtained by synthesizing the fixed address and continuous address of the encoded plate of the positioning absolute value rotary encoder. The system adopts wireless AP communication technology or radio station communication technology. It has the advantages of high detection accuracy, strong field adaptability, long detection distance, simple installation and stable performance.


·  Address detection: real-time detect address of different types of rail locomotive.
·  Data communication: data exchange between locomotive positioning unit and central communication unit.
·  Real-time monitor: IPC provides present address information and images of all locomotives.
·  Data management: able to save, inquire and count the data of locomotive moving track, showing data table chart and report data.


Intelligent encoded plate positioning system consists of three parts:
·  Central communication unit: industrial power, IPC, industrial radio station or industrial AP.
·  Real-time monitor: IPC provides present address information and images of all locomotives.
·  Positioning encoded plate.



·  Address detection accuracy and detection cycle

Address detection accuracy of intelligent encoded plate positioning system: 
Rotary encoder accuracy: 1mm.
Identification accuracy of positioning encoded plate: 1cm.
Address detection cycle :<=30ms, Good real-time performance.

·  address correction
Intelligent encoded plate positioning system will correct address once for any positioning encoded plate, so as to get eliminate deviation timely.
· Recognition method of positioning plate
Intelligent encoded plate positioning system recognizes positioning encoded plate by adopting parallel bits recognition, thus obtain whole coded information of positioning encoded plate. The infrared correlation tube used for recognition ·  adopts infrared of different frequency, thus prevented mutual intervention between infrared correlation tubes.
·  Anti-slip design
The rotary encoder is coaxially connected with the auxiliary wheel. The auxiliary wheel connects the locomotive body and the locomotive power wheel on the same track, so that the rotary encoder is not coaxial with the locomotive power wheel, which basically eliminates the situation where the power wheel slip affects the address and facilitates installation and maintenance.
·  Storage function
The memory function of intelligent encoded plate positioning system is able to write key parameters to memory, detect address when power on without finding datum point again.
·  System expansibility
The intelligent encoded plate positioning system adopts modern digital signal processing platform to realize data process, which is strongly to process data, highly efficient and calculate fast. The abundant internal resources are convenient to expand and upgrade system. 
·  Cleaning function
The intelligent encoded plate positioning system with automatic cleaning device requires no manual.

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