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Intelligent Induction Wireless Redundant System


In all-time manufacturing department, industrial system is required to be stable, reliable and maintainable because of its long time continuous operation. When system malfunctioned, it is required quick solutions for the problems and ensure normal operation of production line. On the basis of intrinsic induction wireless positioning and communication system, intelligent induction wireless redundant system adds monitor, monitoring the status of induction wireless positioning and communication system real time,diagnoses malfunction itself while switching to backup system without hindering production, meanwhile points out the malfunction point to user.



  • Real-time monitoring: monitoring the working status of the current system real-time.

  • System switching: switching to backup system automatically when system malfunctioned.

  • Data displaying: displaying the working status of each currently running system.

  • Data communication: send current system running status to host computer.

  • Equipment status monitor

  • Real-time monitor the working status of each equipment, and send data to the center computer, which is convenient to maintenance personnel to monitor equipment operating status and quickly resolve system failures.

  • System switch type and duration

  • When malfunctioned, the current system will switch to backup system automatically in less than 2 seconds to ensure normal operation of production line.

  • Ensure the normal operation of the production line