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Overhead Crane Positioning and Warehouse Intelligent Logistics Management System


With the acceleration of informationization of steel enterprises, ERP and MES information management systems put forward higher requirements for logistics links in hot rolling, cold rolling, medium-thick plates and other warehouse areas. Overhead crane positioning and warehouse intelligent logistics management system replaces manual command with three-dimensional positioning, intelligent bridge load identification, WLAN and computer information management, thus reduce working intensity of crane operator, ensure operation accuracy, increse production efficiency, seamless dock production management data and warehouse material information data, so as to push warehouse management level forward to a new height.



  • overhead crane three-dimensional positioning: detect three dimensional location through coded cable technology and rotary encoder technology

  • crane load intelligent identification: invention patent with independent intellectual rights, automatic identification of crane load

  • intellectual scheduling: intelligent scheduling by developing scheduling rules and combining production performance

  • warehouse visualization: animation monitor real time status of warehouse, visualized query of real time inventory

  • information management: plan scheduling, measurement assessment, production report, information attention on WEB side

  • mobile terminal: handheld PDA realizes plan scheduling, inventory query, inventory check, online/offline stocktaking

  • overhead crane terminal: directing crane operation through voice, animation and operation plan

  • data sharing: automatic data interaction with MES, ERP and other management systems

  • push warehouse management level forward to a new height.