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The Intelligent Coking Platform Based on Big Data


The intelligent coking platform based on big data integrates all data of factory by collecting, saving, analyzing and applying. Through by the construction of visual monitoring ,factory-level smart scheduling,plant life cycle management, coordinated management,production process optimization and production control ,the intelligent coking platform can improve production efficiency and output of the coke oven, reduce energy consumption ,pollutant emission and labor cost during the production。It could also balances overall production, maximizes resources utilization, ensures safe and stable production with efficient operation of equipment and provides information support for decision maker at the same time.



  • data collection

    Flexible allocation of factory data clustering for collecting relevant data covering each process
  • storage

    Optimization,management and backup storage for collected data
  • factory visual display

    including process frame, plant monitoring frame,custom report and custom data query statistics.
  • application portal

    interactive platform for publishing and carrying out required application server
  • Big data platform complete customization

    Complete customization for fundamental big data platform according to intelligent manufacturing.
  • data base

    Providing fundamental data base of application development and publishing on the basis of big data platform,which includes algorithm and mechanism component library,expert knowledge base and so on.
  • intelligent production planing

    Including static and dynamic plan scheduling and production plan performing assessment.
  • intelligent scheduling

    Making coordination according to process,device state and material consumption to ensure plan implementation as benchmark.


  • data source collection support of various communication mode
  • flexible data acquisition device layout with universal hardware structure.
  • optimize and pretreat collected data for memory space compression.
  • overall data transparency for centralized visual monitoring and statistical analysis to improve information management.
  • system base includes common intelligence algorithm and big data algorithm,mechanism model of coking,expert knowledge of finishing existing coking procedure and experience,which can be called as different needs and learn and optimize model and knowledge autonomously based on field application.
  • realize deep application of production schedule,energy,material,security,equipment,operation management and factory-level needs,make flexible production plan and adjustment,optimize technological parameters,deal operating conditions and trouble shooting
  • Build whole plant closed loop data base and rule base on the basis of existing expert knowledge and operation procedure and gradually develop large scale data platform to meet different needs of production, management and operation and then realize real intelligent manufacturing,which by classifying coking condition with data mining,digging
  • Structure

    System hardware includes distributed collection server,big data memory& analytical computing server cluster,application client and LED display.Distributed collection server converts field industrial data storage interface into big data platform reading interface.Big data platform carries out data secure storage and management,analytical computing server takes charge of data reading, processing,calculating and turning into available service.