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Intelligent Coal Scheduling System


Nowadays, coal blending by professionals is widely adopted in domestic coking plant based on their own experience combining with factory needs to make guidance for the production. The method is steady and credible, but its disadvantages such as experts’ great labor intensity, high risk and cost always have been exist. Intelligent coal blending system uses present advanced industrial big data platform to work out an optimal plan for production through data analysis, rule extraction, and neural network computing,on the basis of ingredients, stock, cost of coals and proprietor's requirements for coke quality.



  • Data entry and import

    Data entry and import
  • intelligent coke blending computing

    intelligent coke blending computing
  • coke blending customization

    coke blending customization
  • coke quality forecast

    coke quality forecast
  • data assistant analysis

    of production and monitoring and warning
  • basic data collection

    basic data collection
  • Structure

    Main interface

  • Structure

    Main interface