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Coke-oven Heating Intelligent Control System


In the process of coke production, the temperate during coke-oven heating will fluctuate with market needs, operating conditions, external environment and other factors changing. Inaccurate adjustments will easily occur if only by artificial experience. So intelligent control for coke-oven heating is the inevitable choice technology development. Coke Oven Heating Intelligent Control System is designed to adjust the main coal gas volume, total air, and branch coal gas volume online according to plans and variable real-time work conditions .It can also assure steady heating and obtain qualified coke and chemicals with less coal gas used in specified coking cycle to achieve exhaust emission reducing and longer coke-oven life.



  • Real-time data acquisition

    longitudinal temperature ,raw coal gas temperature,oxygen content in exhaust gas, pressure of observation hole, flow and pressure of heating coal gas and suction of branch flue .
  • Real-time adjustment for total coal gas flow
    and branch flue suction

    using feedforward and feedback principle
  • Standard temperature optimization

    based on the relation between standard temperature and coal moisture, production load, and average coke ending time of the whole furnace
  • Automatic adjustment coal gas flow of
    branch conduit of single combustion chamber

    automatically adjust coal gas flow of adjacent combustor based on its temperature and the coking status of carbonization in the chamber
  • Coke pushing time optimization

    optimize coke pushing plan according to coke ending time
  • Waste gas circulation control

    improve coke oven vertical heating, lower flame temperature and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by controlling waste gas circulation
  • Exchange safety interlock

    coal gas flow actuator and branch flue actuator will be locked to avoid disorder adjustment during switches exchanging
  • Visual real-time monitoring

    provide subject parameters,technological parameters, intelligent computing,real- time monitoring and operation image relating to process

System Structure

  • Automatic control to coal gas main ans branch flue suction
  • Automatic adjustment to coal gas flow in single combustor
  • heating system optimization
  • real-time judgement of coke ending time
  • saving reflow gas about 2 to 6 pecent
  • reducing nitrogen oxide emissions 20 to 50 pecent
  • controlling stability and uniformity coefficient above 0.85
  • controlling average temperature of whole furnace within ±7℃
  • Cases

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  • Cases

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  • Cases

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  • Cases

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