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Image Processing System for Tamping Coking Coal Cake Altimetry


During temping, traditionally the altimetry of coking coal cake in temping station is inspected visually by experienced operator, when operator is concentrating on, the mean error is controlled at about 10cm; but when operating at night, operators cannot concentrate on fully, causing insufficient coal cake height, sometimes even less than half of the height , which severely affects the quality of coke. The system adopts the up-to-date digital imaging processing technology, installs several HD cameras on tamping station, collects the image of tamping hammer motor process in real-time, then calculates the height of coal coke by digital image analyzing and measures the height of tamping coal cake online.



  • System functions

    Enhance the operation of coke tamping.
  • System functions

    Increase production benefit and reduce production cost.
  • System functions

    Strong expansibility, provide key data for coke oven heating and auto tamping.
  • Structure

    Detection schematic

  • 系统结构