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Induction wireless redundancy system


1、System introduction

In the industrial all-weather production workshop,the industrial system often needs long-term uninterrupted operation,which requires the stability,reliability and maintainability of the industrial system.When the system fails,it can ensure the normal operation of the production line and solve the system failure quickly.

The inductive wireless redundancy system is to add monitors to the original inductive wireless system to monitor the working status of the equipment in the inductive wireless system in real time,diagnose the system fault by itself and switch to the standby system when the system fails,which will not affect the industrial production.At the same time,it indicates that the user system has failed and indicates the failure point.

2.System functions

Real time monitoring:real time monitoring of the current working system equipment.

System switching:when the current system fails,it will automatically switch to the standby system.

Data display:displays the working status of each device in the current running system.

Data communication:send the current running system status to the master computer.

3、System structure

Inductive wireless redundancy system consists of three parts

Locomotive control unit:locomotive main system,locomotive slave system,locomotive monitor

Central control unit:central control master system,central control slave system,central control monitor

Master computer

4、Technical advantages

1.Equipment status monitoring

Real time monitoring the working status of each equipment in the working system and sending the status data to the main control computer is convenient for the maintenance personnel to monitor the operating status of the equipment and quickly solve the system fault.

2.System switching mode and switching time

When the current working system fails,it can automatically switch the working system to the standby system and the switching time is<2s to ensure the normal operation of the production line.
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