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  • QM-IIR Intelligent Infrared Thermometer
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QM-IIR Intelligent Infrared Thermometer


I. Introduction

QM-IIR is a non-contact physical surface temperature thermometer, combining infrared temperature measurement technology, optical fiber sensing technology, circumstance temperature compensation technology, and intelligent processing technology, which is highly sensitive, accurate, and stable. It consists of precision optical focusing system, high temperature resistant and infrared transmission optical fiber with stainless steel armor, intelligent processing circuit unit(DSP core), and air-purging device.

II.  Features

1. Separate optical probe and electronic module by infrared energy transmission of optical fiber, which greatly decreased effect on signal processing unit posed by environment and increased resistance to electromagnetism. It is stable and reliable and suitable for harsh and complex environments like high electromagnetic industry field.

2. The high temperature resistance of optical system probe is 300, while optical fiber is 150, which is suitable for high temperature environment.

3. The size of the optical probe is small, which can be installed in diverse environments without occupying too much spaces and interfering other devices.

4. Optical probes and detectors of Chairman can be applied on fields with different temperature requirements, which offer diverse combination pattern.

5. Multiple linear output interface, which can be connected with types of control meters, recorders and computer measurement&control systems.

6. Non-contact temperature measurement greatly increased the life of device, whose life is hundred times higher than thermocouple.

7. Fast response calculated by millisecond, surface temperature of object can be measured quickly.

Intelligent infrared thermometer products can be applied in industries like coking, smelting, casting, steel rolling, forging, powder metallurgy, chemical engineering, glass processing, ceramics, medium frequency induction heating, soldering, etc.

Measuring Range

800°C~1500cC (customized)

Response Time


Measuring Accuracy





0.1-1.00 (adjustable)



Measuring Distance


High/Low Alarm

Ring temperature detection




DC 9-36V

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